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Date AddedMemberIBC Membership No.Details of Swap
3rd Sep, 2017Ken Waters14/98FLooking for UK International Camps / Jamboree Badges. Will swap for UK Badges.
12th Sep, 2017Peter Maryniak27LNow that I have more time on my hands due to giving up the auction, I am always welcome to a general swop of UK badges. Send 20 (singles or doubles) and receive the same number in exchange. My address is in the membership list on line. If you can\'t find it, it is 27 Stowe Walk, Parklands, Northampton. NN3 6EE
29th Sep, 2017Bruce Meldrum43/97Not really done much active swapping for AGES!! ED2/18 and 2/20 always available to swap, send me any 6 UK district/county badges for the same in return or send me your UK wants list
10th Oct, 2017Pete Brady13/03Always happy to do a general swap ( max 20 UK badges ) singles, doubles or mixed. I will return whatever you send me. Happy if you want to include anything from Ireland, South Africa or Australia. Also interested in anything I don\'t have from Essex Jamborees or Essex in general. Please send or email me first. Many Thanks, Pete
14th Oct, 2017James-Taylor Gray1619Hi. My name is Tayles and i am 9. I collect name t
apes and group badges and district badges and necker badges and scout coins. I am always happy to swap. Thank you
17th Oct, 2017Gareth Sandilands1736Just restarted my collection after a gap of about 20 years ! I am collecting UK County/District/Area I have my local area 8 Clwyd and District 8/7 available to swap. Please email first and ask for my current swaps list of badges available. I would prefer to swap 10 singles or equivalent. Thanks

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