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The Group Scout Leader Role

Outline: To ensure the effective operation of the Scout Group and development of Scouting within the group in accordance with Purpose, Principles and Policies of the Scout Assoc.

Responsible For: All Section Leaders & Assistants within the group and overview of other roles including the Group Executive.

Responsible to: District Commissioner

Tasks / Responsibilities :

  1. Ensure the group has an adequate team of 'fit and proper' adults working effectively together and with others to ensure group meets Scouting need for area.
  2. Ensure Adults are adequately supported and trained for role, including Induction, review and development.
  3. Ensure that a challenging, exciting and balanced programme is carried out throughout the sections and that adults have support where required to carry out their tasks
  4. Resolve any problems that may occur within the Scout Group
  5. Act as a Charity Trustee of the Scout Group
  6. Annually nominate members to serve on the Group Executive in particular an effective Group Chairman
  7. Ensure with the Group Executive that risk assessments are carried out and to ensure that relevant First Aid provision, Fire regulations and authorisations have been attained
  8. Attend Group Executive meetings. Present Resource and Financial requirements identified by the leadership team
  9. Hold regular meetings of the Adult Leaders and promote communication links / activities between sections and ensure delivery of balanced programme.
  10. Recommend awards for Adult members of the group
  11. Ensure all Leaders and Assistants in Group carry out specific learning and are keeping adequate records of the development of their Personal Learning Plans
  12. Ensure with the Executive that effective administration, record keeping and communication happen within the group
  13. Produce and implement a Group Development Plan that ensures the Scout Group continues to meet the potential Scouting needs within the area
  14. Attend District GSL meetings and maintain effective communication with the DC and District team and any other members of the community whose support could assist the group.

At all times up hold the fundamental values of Scouting

The above tasks are to be undertaken by the GSL or delegated to the most appropriate member of the group team.

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