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The badges in the table below have all been submitted by people for identification, badges will remain here for ~8 weeks then be moved to the archive page

If you can help, please enter your comments at the bottom of the page. All comments will be sent back to the person that posted the original badge, and added to this page (press F5 to refresh after posting)

Badge Reference 2391

Date posted Wednesday 3rd of July 2024
[Badge Image]Badge posted by Jorge
Can anyone please help me with identification of this badge
No identification made so far, help by adding your thoughts at the bottom of the page

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Badge Reference 2390

Date posted Friday 7th of June 2024
[Badge Image]Badge posted by Bill Pretty
Can anyone please help me with identification of this badge.
Comment posted on Friday 7th of June 2024 by Alan
13th Maidenhead, Berkshire

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